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How to use BioFresh data portal

Aaike De Wever (Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Belgium) & Astrid Schmidt-Kloiber (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna)

What is the data portal

A collaborative global freshwater biodiversity data hub - The aim of the data portal, which was build in the framework of the BioFresh project, is to integrate and provide open and free access to freshwater biodiversity data from all possible sources. It offers tools and support for scientists interested in documenting/advertising their dataset in the metadatabase, in submitting or publishing their primary biodiversity data (i.e. species occurrence records) or having their dataset linked to the BioFresh data portal. The information portal serves as a data discovery tool, and allows scientists and managers to complement, integrate, and analyse distribution data to elucidate patterns in freshwater biodiversity.

The data portal, how to contribute and further information can be found at

Introduction to the data portal

If you a freshwater scientist who wants to contribute data to the BioFresh portal, this video offers first insights in the use of the data portal.

Contributing to the BioFresh metadatabase

If you are a freshwater scientist who is interested in contributing searchable information ("metadata") about your freshwater biodiversity datasets to the BioFresh metadatabase, this tutorial helps you to get started. It includes information about requesting log-in information, accessing the metadatabase, and adding your information.

The BioFresh metadatabase can be found at


Using the BioFresh data submission spreadsheet

If you are a freshwater scientist and would like to upload your primary biodiversity data to the BioFresh data portal, one option you can use is the BioFresh Data Submission Spreadsheet. This tutorial gives a short video introduction to the spreadsheet for first-time users.
Download the data submission spreadsheet.