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How to use the LakeCores metadatabase

Rick Battarbee, Victoria Bauer (University College London, UCL) and Teresa Connolly (University of Oxford)

What is this tool

LakeCores is a metadatabase designed to provide a global inventory of lakes from which sediment cores have been taken. It provides information on lake name and location, principal characteristics of the lakes e.g. size, altitude, depth etc. and the key characteristics of the cores, for example, length, age-span and so on. LakeCores also enables you to link the core data to publications or reports where the primary analytical details can be found.

Why use it

Anyone with appropriate data to contribute can do so by adding details of their sediment cores to the LakeCores database. This will help build LakeCores into a globally comprehensive register, useful not only for palaeo-scientists but also for lake managers concerned with changes in the water quality and biodiversity of lake ecosystems.

Using this tool

There are a number of ways to make use of the LakeCores tool. You can:

(04:29 mins 40mb)

(06:55 mins, 60mb)

Problem solving

Access the help section which has information about the LakeCores website.

Contribute to LakeCores and to the BioFresh platform

The LakeCores metadatabase is a community effort so it will increase as more data is added to it. Visit the LakeCore website. We also invite you to contribute your data and/or results to the BioFresh platform.

All data generated by LakeCores is presented under a CC-BY 3.0 (for content) and CC 0 (for data) licence and so can be freely shared for non-commercial use.


Battarbee, R.W., Morley, D., Bennion, H., Simpson, G.L., Hughes, M., & Bauere, V. (2011) A palaeolimnological meta-database for assessing the ecological status of lakes. Journal of Paleolimnology 45(4):405-414, link to article.