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Policy briefs

Much of BioFresh’s science has important implications for policy-makers, whether in terms of conservation priorities such as identifying the most effective protected area network or properly valuing freshwater ecosystems. In this section, you will find a selection of concise policy briefs that summarise the findings of key BioFresh science papers, outline the implications for policy, and provide recommendations. The BioFresh policy briefs are designed to give policy-makers the information about freshwater biodiversity needed to make informed decisions.

Policy brief #01

Raising the profile of freshwater biodiversity

Policy brief #02

Mismatch between protected areas and freshwater biodiversity

Policy brief #03

Is biodiversity being left behind?

Policy brief #04

Alleviating stress on freshwater biodiversity

Policy brief #05

Water-food-energy security nexus: Where do freshwater ecosystems fit in?

Policy brief #06

Riparian areas to sustain freshwater life