Life as a freshwater researcher

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Life as a freshwater researcher

Who are the freshwater biodiversity scientists behind BioFresh? Find out what it’s like to be a freshwater researcher and read reflective interviews with members of the BioFresh team speaking about what they do, why their work is important, fun stories from the field, and their inspiration and key moments that got them into a career as a freshwater researcher.

Astrid Schmidt-Kloiber


Interview with Astrid Schmidt-Kloiber. Astrid is a river ecologist at the  Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management (IHG) at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna, with expertise with expertise in benthic invertebrates, database design, set-up and management of (web-based) databases.

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Sonja Stendera


Interview with BioFresh scientist Sonja Stendera, a freshwater biologist, former team member at the University of Duisberg-Essen, Germany, now working as scientist on freshwaters in Sweden.

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Paul Jepson


Paul Jepson, from Oxford University, leads Work Package 8 of the BioFresh project, which aims to strengthen evidence-based policy making and conservation planning for freshwater ecosystems through the effective and inventive communication and dissemination of the project’s results.

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Aaike De Wever

Aaike De Wever, BioFresh Science Officer at the Freshwater Laboratory, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences. He is coordinating the development of the freshwater data portal.

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Núria Bonada


Interview with Núria Bonada, a specialist in aquatic insects and the ecology of Mediterranean rivers at the University of Barcelona. She is modeling future distributions of freshwater organisms in European catchments under global change scenarios.

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Daniel Hering

Daniel Hering from the Department of Aquatic Ecology at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany. He is the coordinator of several national and international projects on Water Framework Directive implementation and river restoration.

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Thierry Oberdorff


Interview with Thierry Oberdorff from the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD) in Marseille, France. The IRD has three main missions: research, consultancy and training, contributing to the sustainable development of the countries of the South, with an emphasis on the relationship between humans and the environment.

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Klement Tockner


BioFresh project leader Klement Tockner who is the Director of the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology & Inland Fisheries (IGB). The IGB is an independent and interdisciplinary research centre dedicated to the creation, dissemination, and application of knowledge about freshwater ecosystems.

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Szabolcs Lengyel


Interview with Szabolcs Lengyel, co-leader of the Conservation Ecology Research Group at the Department of Ecology at University of Debrecen in Hungary.

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Nicolas Bailly


Nicolas Bailly from BioFresh partner organisation WorldFish Center. Nicolas is an ichthyologist (that’s someone who studies fish for those of you not versed in the world of fish). He is the project manager of FishBase and scientific advisor to SeaLifeBase.

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Will Darwall


Will Darwall, Head of the IUCN Freshwater Biodiversity Unit. He has over 20 years experience working on and leading collaborative research projects on the ecology and conservation of aquatic ecosystems in developing countries. Watch also a video discussion with Will, who outlines some of the key challenges for freshwater biodiversity.

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Laurence Carvalho

Laurence Carvalho is a freshwater ecologist at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology in Edinburgh, Scotland.  He is particularly known for his work on the impacts of eutrophication and climate change on lakes.

He has previously worked on European Commission projects such as WISER, REBECCA and Eurolimpacs, and helped develop a phytoplankton classification tool for UK lakes for the Water Framework Directive.

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